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Founded in July 2012, IRIS incorporated the experience of its related companies Stylos Engenharia S/A and Grupo Orion S/A, which has been operating for more than 40 years in managing the leasing of its own corporate properties and in the building maintenance of public buildings.

Due to its origins in the various civil construction activities, it manages each building in its portfolio in a personalized manner with special attention to the useful life of each of the different building systems and the building as a whole, constantly working to manage preventive maintenance and, when necessary , proposing modernization and “retrofits”. Its mission is to reconcile the interests of its clients, INVESTORS/LESSERS and TENANTS/OWNERS, with a focus on the return on real estate investment, sustainable management of the building and increasing the level of user satisfaction.

Its main market of activity is the city of Brasília in the Federal District, where it carries out real estate studies and research, which allows it to provide its clients with accurate information for decision-making.

About IRIS

Provide clients, owners and tenants with efficient management of corporate properties.


To be a national reference in the management of corporate properties, with permanent attention to the responsible use of natural resources and the well-being of users of managed buildings


Our values are: Collaboration, Trust, Dedication, Diversity, Ethics, Innovation and Sustainability


IRIS is a member of the Green Building Council Brazil. It develops several actions aimed at preserving the environment and the quality of life of the users of the buildings it manages.
With experience in managing LEED-certified buildings, the company works to reduce the consumption of natural resources and operating costs.
In the management of non-certified buildings, IRIS also develops actions to control energy and water consumption, air quality control, waste separation and environmental awareness campaigns.

Green Building

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