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Documents required to approve registration for renting a property at Iris

All documentation listed below must be delivered together with the Tenant and Guarantor registration forms

duly completed and signed. Kindly attach xerox

The renter(s) must be the actual occupant(s) of the property.

- Identity card and CPF
- Spouse's identity card and CPF (if married/in a stable union)
- Updated Birth, Marriage or Divorce Certificate, as applicable
- Updated proof of address (water/electricity/telephone/credit card)
- Proof of Income (03 last paychecks):
-> As an Entrepreneur: Articles of Incorporation and contractual changes, complete Income Tax Declaration of the company or individual or accountant's declaration in
own form of the C.R.C or original Decore.
-> Being a Pensioner: C/C statement, Pension Credit and Paycheck
-> Being Retired: C/C Statement, INSS Credit, Proof of Benefit
- Professional card (photo, civil qualification and employment contract)
- Registration of Properties paid with IPTU - both updated (30 days)
- Updated vehicle document, if available.
The lessee and/or fliers may complement the documentation with other documents, such as: bank and/or financial investment statements, rental income statements, etc.)

- CNP) updated (headquarters and branches);
- All contractual changes or last member election minutes and last recorded minutes;
- Updated simplified certificate from the Commercial Board or competent registration body;
- Last Income Tax declaration (COMPLETE);
- Last balance sheet (duly signed by the accountant):
- Identity card and CPF of partners and spouses (if married)
- Proof of updated address of members;
- 06 last rent receipts paid with contact from the Lessor;
- Registration of properties with updated IPTU (if applicable).
The lessee and/or guarantors may complement the documentation with other documents, such as: financial applications, rental income statements, etc.

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